Gavard Bluescale

Drakonis Soldier


Race: Drakonis
Occupation: Mercenary
Height: 6’ 3"
Weight: 212 lbs
Blue eyes and brown scales
A patch of blue scales is located on his forehead

Age: 19
Born: 534 TE LC01-06

Birthplace: Twin Cities
Last Known Location: Veen
Known Associates:
Vernos Mercenaries – Third Storm Infantry


Due to a conflict over his lineage, Gavard’s ‘father’ was slain in single combat while attempting to protect his mother’s honor. His mother struggled to provide food and shelter for him until she grew ill and passed away.

Having nothing left to him besides a bastard’s moniker, Gavard sold the house that he grew up in to purchase armaments and began a quest to find meaning in life. He recently enlisted in the ranks of the Vernos Mercenaries and has been stationed in Veen awaiting rendezvous with the Third Storm Infantry.

Gavard Bluescale

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